Green gadgets that make a real difference in your home

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Most of us are aware of the impending need to do our bit for the planet, especially when it comes to conserving energy and natural resources. Asides from protecting the world around us, going green – and investing in a number of green gadgets – allows us to save money.

If you’re planning on doing your bit for the environment, you’re in luck. There are a number of green gadgets available today, many of which cost little to run, are easy to use, and all help you to create a green home.

Listed below are a few of today’s market favourites:

Grow your own (GYO)

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or a small plot of land, then growing your own food is a great way to avoid waste. Allotments are not only proving to be a fun pastime but they are also a successful way to grow your own food without having to worry about wasteful packaging.

Eco charger

Almost everyone in this day and age owns a smartphone. In fact, most households own several and charging these devices can become costly and wasteful; especially if they’re left on charge overnight.

According to a post on “only 5% of the power drawn by a [mobile]phone charger is used to charge the phone. The other 95% is wasted when it is left plugged into the wall” so make sure you’re savvy when it comes to charge.

Only have your phone plugged in for the time needed to charge the battery and invest in an eco charger which automatically switches itself off once the phone is fully charged so that you don’t waste energy.

Water-saving shower-heads

It’s not uncommon for us to run the shower a little before stepping inside. This way, the water is able to reach the perfect temperature. However, have you ever thought about the energy and water you could be wasting if you get distracted and leave it running too long?

Investing in a shower-head that boasts a temperature sensor is a great option for those who wish to go green. These devices cut the water flow to a trickle once it has reached an ideal temperature so that you’re not wasting precious resources.

Eco heater

If you find that you’re often chilly at nights or during the winter months but live in fear of putting the heating on due to expensive heating bills, then you need an eco heater. The device should be positioned three inches from the wall and pulls cool air in while circulating warm air out to heat the room efficiently – and cheaply!

Going green

Of course, these are only a few gadgets which are helping us to make every aspect of our lives as green as possible. You can find plenty of other eco products available online, while numerous websites offer plenty of advice and tips on how to cut energy.

McCarthy & Stone’s Twitter page has links to plenty of great content like this – including a tweet from May 2014 which directs users to their fantastic FREE energy saving calculator, which lets you know how much money and energy can be saved by downsizing.


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