Kindle Versus iPad?


The news world has been abuzz with the Apple versus Samsung struggle. Suddenly, a familiar player creeps in – Amazon. The Kindle is another device that is often overlooked by many. But with careful scrutiny, you will find that Kindle is also a competent player in the tablet market. For one, Jeff Bezos says that Amazon is about services, a big difference from Apple and Samsung who are about gadgets. Here are a few services that Amazon introduced with the new and improved Kindle that are worth your second look.


As a parent, are you frustrated with your kids’ endless usage of your tablet? It’s okay if they are using it for educational purposes such as reading and doing homework but if they are just constantly playing then you should put a limit to it. The Kindle offers you exactly that. With FreeTime, you can set a time limit to your kids’ Kindle usage. Now you can create a balance between work, play and study.

Immersion Reading

This feature makes learning how to read easy. This is great for pre-schoolers and kids. A narrator reads the text at the same time the words are being highlighted. This is also great for readers with poor eyesight who can’t seem to stay away from books. The readers can take a break for a few minutes, close their eyes and still hear what happens next in the story. This feature is also great if you want to learn another language. Immersion Reading will help you learn new words faster.


X-ray allows the reader to look up information without ever having to leave the reader or video player application they are currently on. Say for example, you need to find out more information about an animal in the story you are reading that you are unfamiliar with. What you typically do is leave the reader and open a browser and search on the Internet. With Kindle, you don’t have to leave.

Time to Read

Holding a physical book in your hands still elicits a lot of emotion. Isn’t it exciting to see that you are nearing the end of the book based on the number of pages that you have left? We can’t have that feeling with an ebook. Actually, sometimes you feel lost in an ebook. Sometimes you feel that you are nearing the end only to see that you have a hundred or so more pages to go. The Time to Read feature helps you get back on track by estimating the time you will finish the chapter or the entire book based on your reading habits. You will clearly see these estimates at the bottom of each page.

Other points of interest

Amazon focuses on their strengths. The Kindle Paperwhite features display and lighting technology. This is something that is very useful to an ebook aficionado. They offer simple features that are very useful.

Another area is the price. The Kindle Fire HD costs $499, $548 for a wireless service. An iPad in the same category costs $959. The oldest Kindle costs only $69. Apple on the other hand phases out its oldest models. Amazon allows you to be you. If you are not fussy with your gadgets, you can always choose the best Kindle for you whereas with Apple, you are forced to upgrade from time to time.

The innovations that Amazon offers are simple, fresh and useful. It’s good to have a healthy competition in the tech world as the consumers are the hidden winners.

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