Top 5 Apple iPhone 5 Unboxing Videos


So today we saw the launch of the new Apple iPhone 5; a lot of fans queued up as early as a week before just to get hands on the latest addition to Apple’s smart phone portfolio. They aim to hit another record high with over 2 Million sold in a day already and counting. Some pre-ordered over the web store and have received them. To help you keep up with some of the YouTubers who got their hands on the iPhone 5, here is a compilation of the Top 5 unboxing videos of the iPhone 5:

Number one!

With a lot of effort put in to this production, we have never seen an unboxing done this way before and certainly captures our attention.  It is from a well known good YouTuber, Geekanoids who also has variety of other Tech and gadgets review videos and we recommend you check him out on YouTube and subscribe and on Twitter 


Number Two!

UnboxTheraphy gives a nice clean unboxing with thorough overview of what you get when you buy one. Again you can check him out on YouTube and also Twitter, subscriber and follow him for more.


Number Three!

Tom at Jailbreak Nation is our number three in the list, with good clear unboxing and capturing all the angles and everything you need to see.  If you are into your Jailbreaks, Apple stuff and other Tech news then subscribe to Tom on YouTube and Follow him on Twitter

Number Four!

At number 4 is Emkwan and the Avora TV guys, did another great job as usual.  Subscribe and Follow on Twitter.

Number Five!
I promise this is not biased, but don’t judge us for including our very own unboxing of the iPhone 5


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