5 Ways to create your own successful app

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These days there seems to be an app for anything and everything, but every now and again, we’ll be doing a task and realise that a specific app would make it 10x easier. It’s these perfect app ideas that should never go to waste, but bringing them to life can be tricky if you have no idea where to start.


We’ve put together a quick step by step guide to help you get started and build an app that may be missing from the mobile app market.

The idea

As soon as your app idea pops into your head, grab a pen and paper and write it down. The best ideas usually come to us when we least expect it and if they’re not captured immediately, they can disappear just as quickly.

Plan out exactly what your app’s purpose will be and how you plan for people to use it. Establish what its main purpose and function will be, then ask friends and family how they feel about the idea and whether they would use it themselves.

The audience

Once you know exactly what your app will be used for, figure out who your target audience is. Are they an individual? Do you want your app to be used by businesses or within corporations? How old will your audience be? When would they use the app, in the morning, evening, in the middle of a task?

Once you have narrowed down the exact people you will be targeting and how your app will help them, the next few steps will be a lot easier.

The user

You have decided who you are targeting, now it’s time to think of your audience as a user of the app. It’s in this section where you will have to think about how your user will move around your app, how they will interact with the user interface and what features they would need and want.

With any app, the more focused the better. Think about what your user’s end goal will be and what features you could include to help them get there as fast as possible. This could include features like GPS if you are creating some sort of fitness app, or a calendar feature if your app’s aim is to help people keep organised.

The build

Next, comes the actual build of your app. You don’t have to spend thousands on a professional app developer in order to create your app. These days there are plenty of DIY app builders you can take advantage of. Tools like Yappi help you to create a functional and stylish app, that perfectly encapsulates your focus and intention.

These DIY app builders are great if you’re completely new to mobile app development and can easily help you customise and build the app you initially wanted to create. These tools also provide hundreds of tutorial videos and guides, so you can perfectly create every part of your application.

The marketing

The final stage of your app creation is to spread the word of its existence. This is best done through online and mobile marketing.

Once you have uploaded your new app to the Apple app store or the Android app store, you can start to put a little bit of budget into areas including paid mobile advertising. This type of ad will create a pop up in other apps, that direct users to your store page and encourages them to download it to their device.

If you need a more budget-friendly form of promotion, reaching out to tech bloggers through email or social media and asking them to trial your app, is an amazing way to get some promotion.

A successful app starts by solving a common issue or problem. Think My Fitness Pal, which helps people keep track of their calorie intake, or the Gmail app, which helps people easily log in to their emails from their smartphone.

With DIY app builders and social media promotion, it is now easier than ever to create an amazing app on a very low budget. If you’ve always had a great idea for an app, now could be the perfect time to put the gears into motion.

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  1. The importance of Apps and how easily they can be made is still not known to so many people. It is as you
    said all about the Idea and then implementing it and if it works, then it can do wonders. Thanks for the tips
    because the audience and build are two essential components many forget about in the excitement of
    using their idea.

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