Essential Back to School Apple iPad Apps!

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(1) PCalc


Going back to school means getting your head around math once again. There are a number of decent iPad calculators on the market but this one is the pick of the bunch thanks to its numerous technical modes capable of handling everything the teachers throw at you. A seriously good technical calculator app. Download PCalc here…

(2) The Elements: A Visual Exploration

The Elements

If you study chemistry then this app is an essential purchase, if only because it makes studying the elements fun. No really. This is a wonderful and beautiful app that will allow you to really get your head around the properties of the elements. Every element is shown using an every day, normal object that you will know already and which makes learning about that element a lot less intimidating. The app spins the object around in 3D and immerses you into the element as if you have it in your hand in front of you. This app will bring your iPad to life! Download “The Elements” here…

(3) Pocket Universe – Virtual Sky Astronomy

Pocket Universe

Another app that shows off the power and potential of the iPad, Pocket Universe allows you to carry the universe around in your iPad. If you often look up at the night sky and wish you knew your way around all the starts and constellations then this is the app for you. A must-have for science students, Pocket Universe is the best app on the market for learning astronomy. Hold your iPad up in front of you and using the in built compass and GPS the iPad will display the same night sky as you are looking at, but will give you the full names and information of everything you can see. Brilliant! Download “Pocket Universe” here…

(4) Cramberry


Something less stunning but just as important, Cramberry is a great app for helping you to study for exams. Cramberry lets you quickly and easily make flash cards, without having to go through all the hassle of writing them out and carrying them everywhere with you. It also tracks how well you are learning each flashcard, allowing it to then present you with the flash cards you are having the most trouble with. Download “Cramberry” here…

(5) – Dictionary and Thesaurus


Don’t worry about spending money on an expensive dictionary and thesaurus suite. has everything you will need for free. Also comes with a useful ‘word of the day’ feature. Download “” here…

(6) Things


There are all kinds of productivity suites out there to help you organize your life. ‘Things’ is one of the best and the simplest, as well as being the best value. Things is the ideal iPad app for school because it manages your tasks and schedule for you in an extremely effective way, taking in all your projects, due dates, to-do’s and organising them into one place. Download “Things” here…

(7) Alarm Clock HD.

Alarm Clock HD

Lastly, the long days of summer will soon be over and with them go those lovely long lie-ins. Sadly you’re going to need a good alarm clock app and this one is the best value and best featured. With either favorite music or favorite playlist set to wake you up, some gorgeous looking clock themes and a flashlight thrown in too, as well as classic alarm features such as snooze and fade music, this is all you will need to get you out of bed and on your way to class. Download “Alarm Clock HD” here…

Source: James Kane @ 9to5 iPad

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