Must have Android applications

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1. Opera Mini:

It is one of the best browsers for Android with quick browsing. You can download whatever you want and it is totally free to use.

2. Seesmic:

It manages your twitter account which packs the large bundles of twitter apps in to tiny ones. You can share videos/images, post to you tube, share links etc.

3. Winamp for Android:

This one is also one of the must have apps for your android and you can directly connect it to your desktop computer through wireless. Through this media player you can move tracks from iTunes to android, playlist support and Shout cast radio.

4. Astro File Manager:

This is the best file manager through which you can create ZIP files and it can also create backup of your Android apps to your SD card. Now you can install and uninstall any app again and again.Download

5. AK Notepad:

This notepad will provide you an option to take notes whatever you want and you can sent it the notes via sms or emails. It also gives an option to create reminders and to save those reminders as your homepage for the easy access.

6. Facebook for Android :

Facebook addiction is now everywhere so now you can have it in your hands all the time. Facebook has launched its official Android app for Facebook users. So enjoy your interaction with your family and friends.

7. Swype:

Swype features fast, easy, finger tip operation, input slider, 50+symbols, auto-correction and 65000+ English words dictionary. It is up to you whether you use your phone stylus motion or finger to type text. It is easily able to type 40 wpm text with the help of it.

8. Foursquare:

If you love travelling then this is the must have android app because it records all the information about your previous tours and also helps you to explore your city to learn about new places. It can save all such data so you can revisit your moments.

9. Tweet Deck

All social networks at one place, how’s that? It must be great to have all your networks at one place and you can sign in to them at one time. Now retweet and track your comments, likes and tweets in a ME column only from Tweet Deck.

10. ChompSMS:

It replaces the in-built messaging interface. It features TextFreek, Widgets, Blacklisting, Speak Text, Quick-Pick Contacts & Groups, User Interface Customizations, and Mark all as Read, Hide Keyboard, Quick Reply, Contact Pictures, Quick Compose, Templates and many more.

11. Phonebook 2.0:

It combined all social networks at one place by securing the contacts and notifying the users who are online at present and will centralize all communications. Instant messaging is now not a problem.

12. VPlayer Alpha:

It can play all the media formats like Flv, RMVB, DivX/Xvid, AVI, WMV, MP4 etc. It allows all media formats but there are no subtitles. Hope they will add this feature soon.

13. Task Manager:

You must have it in your computer but now you can download it on your android too. it manages all your files by terminating the apps which are not working or not needed. It can manage Tasks, Phone Information, Devices, SD card and etc. at one place.

14. Word Press for Android:

Word Press has been launched for the Android too. Mostly bloggers are using word press so it is a very good option for them. You can perform the same tasks which you normally do on your computer’s word press.

15. K9 Mail:

It is also one of the must have apps which is completely free for you. You can be an email client for android and can send and receive mails. It is an open source free email client which configures IMAP, POP and WebDav.

Do you know some we have missed out? Let us know

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