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What's This?

There is a new gadget in the technology market called DondeEstaâ„¢.

It is a mobile tracking system for family safety designed for parents. It is easy to use, just
sending a simple SMS you can know the position of your son, daugther, etc.
Succeeds in Mexico and USA and has no direct competitors. Other tracking systems
such as Google Latitude, Facebook or Foursquare have diferent objectives and
work in a different way.

DondeEstaâ„¢ does not require the intervention of person who is located and operates 24
hours a day because it does not consume battery. By sending a simple text message with
three question marks ??? to the phone to be located, you will receive an automatic SMS
reply with the location (street, latitude and longitude and a link to a map), within a few
minuts. These features make the service as unique in the mobile market designed for
family safety.
Pol Gerbeau is the entrepreneur and founder of Counterpoint SL, a Spanish software
development company to which it belongs DondeEstaâ„¢ service. Pol says how the idea
came out “One day I found my neighbor crying because her 12 year old son should be at
home and he was not there. The mum tried to call him, but the kid didn’t pick up the
cellphone. After a while we found him around the neighborhood playing in the park with his
friend. It was then when I started thinking how to avoid this concern of parents and the
result was DondeEstaâ„¢. “
Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android are compatibles with DondeEstaâ„¢
service. It is important to say that all cellphones can locate; the only cellphone that needs
to be compatible with the service is the phone you want to locate (for example, your kid’s
Works with all telephone companies and worldwide. The countries where DondeEstaâ„¢ is
more successful are Mexico, USA, India and Venezuela, but the service has already users
from over 150 countries.
When Pol Gerbeau is asked about privacy issues and ethics states that “there ethical
barriers to break as they were broken when the first mobile phone was born only fifteen
years ago. Privacy is a key point in DondeEstaâ„¢’s technology and obviouly only people
you authorize can locate you.
You can try the service during two weeks for FREE.
If you want to try it or/and more information about
the service go to DondeEsta

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