Duracell Second Life Box #Giveaway

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What's This?

Did you know that 1/3 of alkaline batteries  thrown away may still have up to 67% power left inside and could be given a second life?

Most you may never think of this but power hungry devices such as digital cameras may stop working before its batteries’s power is used up due to a power default switch inside the device, however that doesn’t mean the battery is dead.  Check this out, the battery you just thought is dead in a power hungry device could go on to power less power hungry devices such as clocks or remote controls.

New research reveals that a staggering one third of alkaline batteries thrown away may still have up to 67% of usable power left inside (Based on BatteryBack sample data of 3149 batteries (AA/AAA/C/D) sent to be recycled in the UK in November 2011), that’s more than what is being used up! Duracell together with Energy Saving Trust is helping consumers to maximise battery power, tap into unused resource and reduce wastage by giving their batteries a second life…

Duracell has been very innovative with Duracell Ultra Power, the only battery that offers a built-in Powercheck technology; it’s like having x-ray vision to see just how much energy is left inside your battery so you can fully maximise the energy within without disposing of it.  It’s as simple as pressing white circles placed on each side of the battery and the gauge will indicate just how much power remains.

To demonstrate just what is been discussed here, below is a video of a Duracell Bunny Sculpture powered by the power remaining in batteries that had been left for dead.

So what is in the Duracell Second Life Box #Giveaway?

Some of the items inside should bring back some memories and those who love sweets will love this:

  • Retro Radio Alarm Clock
  • Pac Man Wall Clock
  • Arcade Game money box
  • Tetris Mug
  • Retro Sweets
  • A pack of Duracell Ultra Power

For a chance to win,  answer the question below using the comment area below and click this link : https://clicktotweet.com/rKIPU to share on Twitter

How many discarded batteries were used in the video?


Rules (T n C):

  • Only answer once
  • UK only
  • Must tweet out the link above, if you do not have Twitter then signup for a Twitter account, it takes minutes.
  • Giveaway ends on Saturday 27th, winner will be contacted via Twitter or email
  • Editor’s decisions is final.
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  1. 192 – flipping epic.
    Would love these prizes, love me some retro stuff, especially that mug!
    ‘Do do be do do be do do be do do be do do be do be do be do’ 😛

    • @asinrope Well done mate, you won this one.  Email me your details to get it sent out to you at gadgets [at] gadgetsboy.co.uk

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